Breaking dawn at Samuel's Gorge

Samuel’s Gorge, McLaren Vale, South Australia

This will be a very short post, I warn you. Even after living in McLaren Vale for two months, I didn’t really give myself the time to go wine tasting in the region. Partly because I was working the night shift, and it can be quite difficult to coordinate working hours and my well deserved few hours of sleep, and partly because I thought if I lived there, I could always go some other time. But days became weeks, and sooner than expected work was over and I had to leave South Australia. However, thanks to my amazing coworkers at Wirra, I had the chance to taste several wines from the region and some others from different countries.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take note on the wines we tried. So, I will only tell you a little bit about the wine (from the region) that conquered my heart. Thanks to Syd, one of my colleagues, I had the opportunity to try a few wines from Samuel’s Gorge, and actually was lucky enough to toast with my very favorite on my birthday dinner. One day after work, we visited Justin at the winery and enjoyed a full and delicious aussie brekkie/dinner (it was 7am, but the end of our shift, so it’s hard to tell), bbq burgers, beer and heaps of wine, while watching the sun rise at this beautiful place.

Justin established Samuel’s Gorge in 2003, in a farm shed that overlooks an impressive valley in the Onkaparinga River National Park, hence the name. The wines here are hand crafted, complex and balanced, representing very well the Justin’s personality.  He’s a great bloke and an amazing winemaker. Not only did we have a blast, but we were able to enjoy some of the best wines in the region. And so, my golden medal this time goes to… Kaleidoscope Horizons 2013, a blend of Tempranillo and Grenache.

IMG_0688 copia

I can only hope but to be able to come back sometime soon, and be smart enough to go wine tasting from the very first day AND take notes on every single wine I taste.

“One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk.” ― Charles Baudelaire


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